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[READ ME] Before posting...
Before you post in this board, please take some time to read the Support board's rules here. It only takes a few minutes of your time to make our job much easier.

There have been too many threads created lately that belong in other boards. This makes a lot of work for the mods that should be doing other things like actually helping other people. The rules must be adhered to so don't be dense about them.

I've also noticed there's a bit of spamming/post farming and necrobumping going on. Support is the last place you should be post farming since many of the people here actually need their threads to be seen by those that can help them. Do NOT post unless you have information relevant to the topic at hand. If I see useless posting you will be reported and punished accordingly.

Another no-no for this board is necrobumping. What that means is dragging up old threads by posting in them especially if it has already been solved. Don't make more work for us because then we have to close that thread. If you have an issue, create your own thread.