Hi there modders! =) (Sorry for double post, but this is an update)

I have added these to the guide now:
-More basics
-"velocity" -function
-"range" -function
-"axis" -function
-"blood" color and stuff
-"gravity" -function
-"force" -function
-"alt_sides" -function
-"strength" -function

Still coming:
-"friction" -function


Have fun! =)

EDIT: I am going to add the rest of the functions into different posts, 10000 marks is getting done, so I can't add there anymore text... =(

Usage of "blood" (not an actual function):
The "blood" is in the same group with "world", "joint"s and "body"s. So it is not a function!
It is used to customize the blood (colors etc...).
I don't know much about it, but I know that it can be used for coloring the blood.
For example:

  color 0 0 1
^That will the blood blue!

Usage of "gravity":
This is one of the cool things. With this, you can customize the gravity.
You can put it where ever you want (but still inside the code =P).
This has 3 arguments; x y z
For example:

gravity 0 0 0
^That will make the gravity to 0 in all directions! =)

Usage of "force" -function:
This function is to set the actual direction of force of joints or bodyparts (not same as "velocity").
Jousting is using this to get the players to move againts each others.
It has 3 arguments: x, y and z.
For example:

joint l_ankle
force 100 100 100
^That will make your ankle's force to all of those directions.
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