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Range function is wrong, it has two variables.

range <contract> <extend>
I believe.

And I do know that 2.8 is about the max before it turns into a helicopter blade.

Thanks for the info! =)

The "alt_sides" -function:
"alt_sides" -function is almost the same function as "sides".
This one just modifies the "grabbyhands" besides of normal hands.
It has 3 arguments; x = width, y = lenght and z = height.
For example:

body l_wrist
  alt_sides 1 1 15
^That will make a silly looking left (grabby) wrist. =P

The "strength" -function:
This function will add some more power to your joints (like "force", I think, but even more powerful)
It has only one argument; power.
For example:

body l_hip
  strength 10
^That will make you left hip really powerful!

PS: When I have completed this, I will compile it to a .pdf -file. =)
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