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I'm requesting a more detailed explanation in the case of "Duel Trapping".

How does duel trapping work?


duel trapping is when people are dueling and dueler X intends to leave during the postmatch replay for whatever reason, but the player next in queue immdiately specs, thus skipping the rplay and forcing them to duel again wihout the option of leaving. its essentially abusing a flaw in toribash's design

Its been a while so I dont quite remember, but I belive you can duel trap people with only 2 players in the server by rapidly spec'ing and entering the moment the previous match ends

I am not sure if this is relevant still, it seems like tb changed alot and may have missd something

and theres also a solid chance swaves was making a joke and it went straight over my head and I did the proper asperger's thing and lectured you about the topic of a joke i did not understand

EDIT: how in the fuck did i get here this thread is long dead lmao
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