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it was rlly tricky trying to keep the board underneath and keeping my balance once i landed
is this a 360 shuv or a horizontal impossible

it was more 360 shove I think it was, you landed it which was great. Staying upright after landing can be hard but try to used your abs in combination with your hips to balance out your body. Board placement when doing the trick is important too try to keep the board under you as much as possible
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any tips on doing this cleanly? like so it doesnt hit the ground and bounce back upwhenever i try to keep the board airborne and rotate it either gets sent up into me, into the ground, or it just shuvs away from me

it will be difficult to achieve that as the spin mostly comes from that ground contact but id say when you get a flip you want to kick forawrds and up instead of down, or a bit behind you if you jump a bit backwards
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