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Toribash Basics
[EN] Basic Tutorial on Toribash
[PT] Tutorial básico do Toribash

[GER] Einsteiger Anleitung zu Toribash
[ID] Tutorial Dasar di Toribash
[ES]Tutorial básico para Toribash

How to take a screenshot
How to upload files using the forums
How to post
How to look at somebody's inventory
How to Properly Structure CnC

Torishop tutorial
Full chat command tutorial
How to make shaders
Using the toribash font outside of toribash
How to change the sounds in Toribash
How to change the colour of your server name/description
How to play Toribash on your iPhone/iTouch.
Tutorial Básico Del Toribash (En Español)
Flame Forge Basics
How to become a successful marketeer.
How to Create and Manage a Clan 2.0
How to Host an In-game event
How to make an Event prop
How to set up a Betting server

How To Move Your Tori
Toribash Basic punch with Karrie
How to free run (video tutorial)
Knowledge base about aikido
How to make a madman
A comprehensive Taekkyon tutorial
Skateboarding For Beginners
How to Spar!!!
Aikido for dummies
Wushu manual
How to punch
Erth's taekkyon tips & tricks
How to make manipulation replays
Boomhits: What they are, and tips on how to do them. :: another one

Player customizations
How to download and view any 3D item in-game
[Tutorial]Improved Item.dat Editing Tut

How to play toribash with your wii remote
So you want to learn Lua?
Lua tutorial
More Lua
Mod tutorial
Scripting Tutorial

Modding and replays
Mod Maker Documentation
[replays] How To Run. (Not a move tut)
How to Create 4 Player Replays
Advanced replay hacking

Making 3D objects for toribash
Guide to making transparent textures for photoshop
Headmapping explained
In depth guide into making all types of textures
How to make headphones using GIMP!
How to make hair in gimp
How to make basic emo head
How to create a spinning / rotating head!
how to mirror textures
Easy Head
how to make spinning head in CS4
Robotic head texture tutorial
Shading Techniques in Photoshop Fully Explained
Bumpmap your tori
How to make your toribashian glow
Art/Texture Shop Tutorial
How Doxxy Shades (watch & learn)
[ART] Pate5's great all-around texturing tutorial
Advanced texturing
[Tutorial] Advanced texturing {tips, templates, scripts, etc}

Old and outdated
Guide to understanding how to use gmt
POV-Ray Head Tutorial!!!
Guide to making transparent textures
Editing replays in notepad
Editing replays in notepad (alternate)
Experimenting with mods
Modding functions explained
How to make custom shaders
Toribash movie tutorial
Single joint colors (how to change your item.dat file)
The ultimate guide to character customization
ronalds' guide to using your toribash directory to maximum effect
How to use your toribash directory to maximum effect
How to start a clan
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