Not blocked.
That is definitely an awesome tutorial. +rep
How do you get that hat? (is it something new that I missed?)
Haha, it's not blocked in America.
All silliness aside, I really wasn't kicked (no pun intended) about this tut. Basically, it took a few general tips that could have been and have been written down and put them in a useless movie, that apparently does not work for anyone anyway. The replay was good, but I don't want to see you do a replay. I want to do one, with helpful hints and tips you gave me. I think that most of the tutorials and material written for noobs isn't helpful at all and completely misses the mark, so don't feel bad. Just don't give us the same crap that everyone else does. Think of something new, something that isn't already covered. Plus, even though relax makes the replay a bit better, it affects balance too much to be used like noobs like me. And sometimes, you just flop. Which looks stupid.
Sorry for the rant.
Hi, Nice video I enjoyed lot and also your meaning ful message is very nice..

Keep it up, Continuously do the same...
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not blocked indonesia

what belt are you dodikus?

everytime i want to make a good replay it become boring
i dont know why
this video got Unlocked... so enjoy it ^^

btw... it's funny xD
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