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Duel Glitches
Q: What are Duel Glitches?
A: Duel Glitches are game bugs that happens while you are playing Duel with somebody

Q: When They Happen ?
A: They happen when one of players quits/pings or have problems with his computer so his game is closed.

Q: What about our TCs?
A: Staff will refund you, but only if you have solid proof i.e screen shots (no, witnesses won't do). Create a thread in the scam reports board with full screenshots as evidence.

Q: Is there any way, to be sure that all things will go good while dueling?
A: Yes, you can always duel without duel mode, and send TCs or recieve them after the duel, but remember, that will not get you safe from scammers that will simply quit during fight to don't loose their TCs, but you need to choose your opponents wisely.

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Just so everyone is sure on our policy with duel scams the current policy (which is subject to change) is as such:

I) The opponent timed out of the server:
No refund.
II) The opponent purposely quit the duel before loosing:
No refund, but inform a GM if you have a screen shot of them quitting and it's obvious they did it on purpose, the GM will punish them if they think it's a good idea.
III) The opponent set up the server with a mod that made it so he'd win every time (or at-least the vast majority of the time):
If you provide evidence (use /set to get the settings and use page-up and page-down to scroll through them, screen shot the settings and mod name.) you should be refunded, and the opponent will be penalised by a GM or Smod.

In case II or III you can contact a GM or Smod as needed via PM, in case III you can also post the information in the scam reports board in the market forum.

Note: the reason no refunds are given in case I or II is for the following few reasons:
1) Both players loose money, not just the person who timed-out / quit.
2) There are so many of these cases and typically they carry with them very little evidence, by responding to them the staff risk aiding more scams than they fix.
3) The risk of a ping-time-out is considered part of the risk involved with gambling, in horse racing you risk your horse catching a horrible illness, this by example is analogous to you or your opponent timing out or quitting.

Note: As is the case with most policies, the staff can chose to follow the policy or ignore it, this is what the staff will typically do, but not always.
I was in the tournament and I won this tournament, ' I saw the phrase that had marked that I had won the tournament and I won my 1250 Toricredit but I did have not received . thank you for your help.