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Go back to classic mode
how do i go back to the classic mod? cuz i cant figure out how to switch out of the other mods to go back.

Or /set mode "anything here, except mod names", this for Classic.

To change the mod, just choose it in the menu or, if you know its name, type /set mode mod name here".

(PS: Do not type the quotes (" "))
what i do for a quick change is just go to tutorial and then back to single player because it resets it to default

Press control + g, the gamerules menu should open up

When you see this menu go to the very top where it has the modname

Change the modname to "Classic.tbm" (Without quotes.)

There ya go, oh and if it doesnt work and youre up in the air somewhere, just press
Control + g again and change player pos to "0" (Without quotes.)

Just noticed how old this thread is, kill me now.
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