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Every time I go to the login screen in game and enter my username and password I get this message:

Error: server returned nothing,(no headers...

I am using 4.31 on a mac. My firewall is not active. I have also not played toribash in a few months, so this is my first time on 4.31.

Come on people, 50+ views and no reply?
CMON GUYZ I wanna play....Someone has to know what this means?
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Well, this problem doesn't specifically only affect Mac. It's crappy on windows too.
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CMON GUYZ I wanna play....Someone has to know what this means?[/QUOTE]
im getting the same message
im getting the same message
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Are you using the newest version of the game?
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Itchy youre using an old version of mac OSX you need to update to like 10.9.5 atleast or the latest update 10.10+

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