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[LUA][BUGREPORT] loadfile and dofile are broken
In the newest version the lua functions loadfile and dofile are broken.


Expected behaviour: returns (function, nill) on success or (nil, string) on failure.
Observed behaviour: always returns (number, nil). The first return value seems to be an error level. It is 0 if loadfile should have succeeded, 3 if there's an error in the file that is loaded, and 6 if the file does not exist.


Expected behaviour: returns all values that the executed script returned or propagates error to caller if one occurs.

Observed behaviour: reurns (number, nil). First return value is 0 if dofile should have succeeded, and 1 if the call failed (either due to an error in the loaded file or due to the file not existing).
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This is still broken in 4.96. Half of the new posts over in the lua forum are people complaining that the scripts aren't working anymore. Can this please be fixed?
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Hi psycore,

I've passed this along to the development team. Thanks for the report!

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