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Pretty awful bug...
So this bug has happened to me about three times already. And it seems to only occur in the 500tc Rk-MMA auto-tourney server. Basically, the problem is that whenever a player leaves the last match of the tourney, the person who leaves gets awarded with 500tc and the person.

The first screenshot is of my opponent leaving the moment the game started, and in result they won 500tc (or so it say in the chat), and I get kicked for "spamming" even though I clearly wasn't.

In the second screenshot, I was winning and then my opponent leaves and wins the 500tc. The screenshot was taken right after, and you can see that I was in the afk because they left mid game making me press space in the next game that was not expected.

This was really irritating but, and I hope the bug can be fixed. Is it possible that I can get 1500tc for the 500tc I should have won? If not, its fine, but the bug is main issue.
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Urgh. I've reported this issue in a few times now, hopefully it'll get fixed soon -_-

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