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Is this a stolen set?

Bought this set a few weeks ago but wasn't able to unpack it. Now I did.. and was disappointed of several things.. however, I wanted to contact the seller and he's banned for plagiarism. Do anybody know this set? Is it stolen?
i suppose the thread is invalid, it's lacking some information, the resolution and recolor to be exact. Seems stolen, i don't beleive he made this set. The head is familliar but the body isnt. Maybe it's a free set
I thought it was a 512 set.. (but I didn't ask). Also he just sent me the files once when it was for multiple parts.. like the feets and shins.. it's not really a problem but it sucks.
The 512 thing and the c/p thing isn't really a scam. But if it's stolen or just isn't his then you can get a refund.
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He didn't state the resolution, after all.
he was banned for plagiarism for 1 month, more evidence of his non-ownership of this set

What's suspicious is that the market squids didn't do any corrections / changes to the thread, he asked to change the tag from [t] to [s] but no squid did it.

i guess you didn't technically buy this set, but you own it, seems like it.

lesson learned bbking :^)

there should be a new rule in market rules regarding this situation ~
Well it was definitly my fault to buy the set without any informations.. but I was looking for a grey set and just bought it pretty quick.
yeah, that's my theory. Desire has lured too much people >//< let the staff take care of this now i guess