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Hello people, Firstly i forgot my password on this account, luckily google saves them, but i cant play the game, i dont know my pass, and when i try to request my username and password then i get no email. My email is spelled correctly and ive overseen this hundreds of times, i just simply get no email from support. The other thing is i contacted GM's and um, they dont seem to PM me back, so any help? i really want to play again.
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Talk to SkulFuk over irc about it.
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Ok, since google remembers your password you can do this.
So you're on the login page for the forum, should look something like this

Right click in the middle of the black dots where your password is typed.
Click 'inspect element'
it should bring up something that looks like this.

On the 'input type=password' line, replace 'password' with 'text'
(Double clicking 'password' allows you to edit it'
Once you've done that, and it looks like this you're done.
Thanks a million ImaSlayaa You are the best +rep on everything xD. You fixed it.
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