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Help please!!!!
I have requested a password change recently because its been changed on me ..... this is a dummy account i made just so i could get some help.... im actually wolfebane73 ..... problem is that it was 3 weeks ago and nothing has come in my inbox at all..... i cant login ....i cant play online... i dont want to have to start new as i had the following...
full set of both gladiator and orc sets....
head textures... and 475 tc..( yeah its not much like most of you have but i earned it..)
please help. ive tried IRC ....tons of players logged in not one single word said from anyone....
ive tried emailing toribash and nothing.
im not sure whats going on .... i love this game.
Send another password change to your email?
Nomad Moderated Message:
Be more straightforward with your uplifting messages or I'll fucking skin you alive.
ive sent one per week
ok just sent yet another.....
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I'm not sure what to do but I'm a nice person so I'll supply the account you are using with the items you do not have. Happy holidays!
Once you get up to 20 games on that account message me.
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you are a godsend friend thank you so much .... like really. happy new year !!!
what do you mean 20 games? wins or losses?
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Click that ^ and try talk to Erth, Solax, or Faint and politely explain what happened to your old account.

They can help you get it back.
If you don't get an instant response from the three of them, don't panic. Just wait paitently till you get a reply...

If you can't wait any longer then send them a PM on the account you're using atm with all the same info and you'll be helped from there.