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So, First of all, I've been had Toribash for a long time. Ever since, I had upgraded Windows to Windows 10 on my labtop (Which was today) I downloaded Toribash again but, this time, All of the words in the Toribash were gibberish and it was going really slow! About 7 FPS! Anyone else got this problem or know how to fix it?
Most likely a graphics card issue, possible the manufacturer of your graphics card doesn't support windows 10 yet for your model. You can try updating the drivers, windows update might even pick them up if you run the updates.
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Yea, I'm only 13 and I don't know what that means...
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I've had this problem before.

I don't remember how to fix it .-.

I remember doing something to the in game graphics (turning them down I believe).
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Well if your still running Windows 8 drivers you have a problem, they will continually crash leaving your game stuck

The only way to resolve this is to update your monitor/display driver and chipsets to be compatible with Windows 10.

I recently downgraded back to Windows 7 because of these issues.

Pro tip: don't downgrade if you don't have access to another pc and flash drive. Without these things you cannot install chipsets needed to connect to the Internet.

What are your computer specs and Allocated RAM to toribash?
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