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Mod Uploading Problem
I created a mod named "parkour_freerun_blackleon_a1".
I wanted to fix some problems with it. I did.

1- is there any way to overwrite the actual mod when uploading?

2- my fixed mod gets uploaded and approved but I cant see it. Where is it?

2-a- If i will be able to see the fix versions in the future am I able to delete some? Because i uploaded too many fixes :V

Thats what I said in a Rapid Thread. It isnt rapid as they say.

Well my problem is the mods I upload arent there... But I cant use same names so they are there? Idk. Need help.
Leon The Black
you must wait a few minutes to it become playable ingame.
try re-uploading them with a other name,and wait a few minutes(5 minutes or more i guess).
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You can't re-use mod file names, even if they've been removed from the list the files are still on the servers. It's quite annoying & TBH I've got sick of complaining about it not being fixed.

It's best to not use what you're planning for the final mod name during the testing phase, toss a _test suffix or similar on, then release the final version with the correct name.

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