What Do you mean... like it wont load or.. install?
If so try using a different site like firefox or internet explorer
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it wont install
no matter wat site i try
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Chromebooks can't do Toribash

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Chromebooks run a completely different operating system. And, before you ask, there 99.99% wont be a ChromeOS version of Toribash.

If you're using a school-issued chromebook, you're out of luck. If not, you can install Linux instead of the very meh ChromeOS, and either use the linux version(if there is one) or use Wine to run toribash.
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You can seriously mess up your chromebook if you do it incorrectly, so I wouldn't recommend trying.

Toribash will not run on ChromeOS, which is what your chromebook laptop is running.
Sorry about that.

Closing, Please PM me if you have any more questions legitop0
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