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I dont know where send this, help me please
Admnistration of Toribash.
I come here to tell you guys that I'm a very old player, like, 2011~2010, but i stop playing for a while, for real, my computer stoped to work toribash.
But I played in 2013 for the last time, and i missed my pass who was saved on my older computer (I doesnt have anymore)
I have a very strong bond with toribash, I played a long time in [Hero].
But since I'm back playing now, I'd love someone of the administration, help me recover my password.
I do not have e-mail, since I moved to Android, everything was passed to Gmail and since then I do not remember the password for almost nothing.
But I have a lot of information about the account, all I remember and if it can help me get the account back, please contact me, this game was a piece of one of the best times of my life.
Sorry for doing that here, i dont know where i need do that
My old account was named by Trickster19.
Thank you in advance, please help me!
Moved to the proper section, also: please refrain from posting twice for the same issue. If you feel you've posted in the wrong area a staff member can help you.

Please follow the instructions I've provided you in your original thread.
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