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why did i lose all my Tc , i was banned for making alot of threads and then all my items was sent to jonathan , NOT FAIR
From what I see you weren't banned for "Making a lot of threads".
Your most recent ban, in fact, was on January the 2nd for 1 week and you were banned for not sending a gift to your giftee in the secret santa event. As punishment for everyone who didn't send gifts it was decided that the gifts you had received would be sent to the user that you were supposed to send to but didn't.

You received bunny ears from Orko that you then sold. At the time we came to do the review of users who hadn't sent; all of the stuff on your account was worth less than the bunny ears you received so all of it was sent to your giftee - Jonathan5d.
Hopefully that clears it up.
solax was (presumably) going off of the shop price, so you are wrong. bunny ears are worth $5. Correct me if im wrong but $5 is roughly 20k tc, in which case you are still short 3k of paying back your assigned person.

either way you are wrong and you should of been fair about it; so even if the staff is selling you short assume it's a penalty price for not doing the correct thing.
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