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Konnichiwa (its means hello )
Hi to all toribash players. My name is Nitro404(i wanted it to be Liquidnitro but that was too long). I am new to both this game and this forum. I absolutely love this game even though i'm getting wrecked. One of the main reasons why i'm playing this game is because i want to become an animator, when i'm able to manipulate the different joints of my tori to perform intricate and powerful moves i'm sure that i wil be able to transfer my knowledge to animation. Sorry for the length i'm just really excited about playing this game.

I used a japanese title because hey, why not, after all, tori and uke do mean attacker and defender right (i read the faq). I hope to make great friends and interesting sparring rivals. I'm also very curious about clans. Anyone who talks to me can just call me nitro. One day i will be an awesome fighter.
Yo Nitro. Feel welcome to this game and i hope you enjoy it
[insert generic quotes from certain players]
こんにちは、Nitro404! Toribashへようこそ!ここに自宅にいるようにしてください。
このゲームは非常に難しいです、前に押してください。私は反対側のハハを満たすためにしたいと 思います
Hello Nitro

Welcome to the Toribash,i think you can be a awesome figher!
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Hey guy, welcome to the Toribash forums! Explore and get to know more here!
As you said Hello, in japanese I believe? (Sorry if I am incorrect) I will say, Cześć! In polish. Welcome!
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