Welcome to Toribash.
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Thanks, guys. Right now I'm just trying to figure out kicks and some important grab moves you can do.
I played with a guy a few hours ago who speared everyone out of the ring in Aikido.
That's awesome.
I need that.

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Hey man, always good to see a new player pick up the game, and forum. They usually seem to stick with the game long term. If I'm ever online at the same time as you I can teach you some essentials on Kicking and Grabbing, maybe even some of that spearing you spoke of for Aikido. If you want to see some examples of how I do toribash business I have a link into my replay thread for the mod Taekkyon/ErthTkv2, an old and fairly popular Kicking mod. It's a good mod to learn some fundamentals on bruising and grab importance.

Also if you like I can send you an invitation to the clan (Decap). We war in all mods and have a fairly open assortment of gmts, so you're likely to find a member online lurking. There are no special requirements for joining besides, being enthusiastic to play the game, pretty sure most members are willing to teach some of their secrets alongside me.
Wanna see some ruffled feathers in Taekkyon

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