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Hallo,I'm Neroxon
Hallo everyone who actually reads this first off i apologize for my lack of knowledge about the english language (I'm German) and i'm sorry if i do spell many things wrong. Now that were past that. Hello :3 My name is Neroxon,Nero for short and i was introduced to this game by a friend a few years ago i think....2014 or so but i never bothered to play it well that is until today,and so far i've really struggled any tips are appreciated or starter....Uh mod's i think you call them.
(i used a lot of google translate during this so if anything comes out weird that's why)
Welcome to this game Neroxon i hope you have fun playing it

If you have question pm Orko i am sure he will help you.
Oh, das ist schön mal einige neue Deutsche hier im Spiel zu sehen!
Wilkommen! Falls du irgendwelche fragen hast und dir mit deinem englisch etwas unsicher bist kannst du mir gerne eine nachricht zukommen lassen.
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