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Laxin's introduction
Hello my name is Laxing call me Lax for short if you really want to i'm some weird unnatural creature who never sleep's and binge watches Boku no pico, Full metal alchemist, One piece...Even Dbz at times when i'm really bored(Yes i will watch the same episodes multiple times for no reason and make theory's i'm full weeb) I kinda felt obligated to make this as a newer player,Besides that i'm originally from Merica but as of now i live in canada with my brother.Any tips or really any kind of advice on this game i would be grateful for. Oh i also got my name laxing from a tea product and a pro league rainbow six siege player.
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Welcome Laxing!
I hope you enjoy your stay here and stick at it.
Bare in mind this game can get difficult at times, but as long as you keep playing you should be good!
If you're having troubles feel free to contact me or any member of help squad.
Good luck!
Welcome to Toribash Laxing, if you need anything don't hesitate to contact me.
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Pm me for help or if you have any questions.
Welcome and have fun
Don't forget to claim your free item and grab some TC at the Beginner Giveaway Thread. It makes the game even more fun and helps you to get started ;)
Welcome to Toribash! Don't be afraid to ask me anything concerning Toribash! I'd be happy to help you! Also if you need any help learning some of the mods we have in our servers, I would be happy to assist you!