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I'm Nekaiz!
Hey, I'm Nekaiz, This is my first ever forum post! I really like the game, so I decided to come take a look here too, since I get alot of mods and stuff from here lol
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Hey Nekaiz welcome to the toribash community! If you need help with anything feel free to pm me
Quack's Club

Pm me for help or if you have any questions.
Hey Nekiaz welcome to our community if you ever want help learning akidobigdojo or mushu/boxshu mushu pm me.
What do you mean im stupid ?
Sup homie, if you need anything feel free to PM me!
Hope you enjoy your stay!
<Icky> Butler is the worst es
<Reta> can I fire him yet ?
Wow that is alot of replies.. lol
thx everyone
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