Welcome to the community, hope you enjoy your stay. The game is hard to master, but always a good time.

Its debatable to some when first learning, but you could try using the move memory lua. It allows you to save joint sequences to one mouse click. I use it to save good impro openers on the fly or when I'm to lazy to mouse click out a whole opener.
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That's one hell of a tip, I totally forgot about the move memory! Best thing to use when your short on time or save time from clicking every body part. Ill definitely have to show her how to do that when i get off work. Thank all of you for the amazing welcome, she's incredibly grateful to have you guys supporting her
This is the first time in all my years on toribash on this account, and my original account from when i was like 8, that i have seen a wife join
Welcome mama, and have a nice gaming experience here yay.
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welcome fella

youre in a bit of a suprise if you want to meet the people here, theyre quite an interesting bunch
this page gotta have the most welcome ever for an introduction, anyways welcome! nice to meet you

ps. do u know what milf stands for
Welcome, Milfmama since Milf is already in damn Hs you probably already know to reference back to the tutorial section for good info.
So yeah gl, this game is a bitch sometimes so stay woke ;)