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A newbie joins the frey
Hello, Toribash Community!

After long looking for a turn based fighting game, I came across Toribash which is not only exactly what I was looking for, but apparently a very lively community in it's own. I've played some games, made it past the yellow belt and I look forward into becoming an active player around here!

I have spent quite some time looking at the forums, getting glimpses of information all over the place, but so far I can say that there is apparently a very active market that even manages to drag real life $ into the game. That is both discouraging and exciting at the same time lol

anyway, that's it, thanks for having me!
Please don't make threads for coming back to the game, or if you are not new to the forum itself. Making threads in this board is specifically for newcomers to the forums so they can introduce themselves, as the board title says, "Introduce Yourself".

I'll be closing this now.
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