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Came Back to Toribash!
Hey, I'm back in to Toribash after a long time. I know I'm nowhere near being new but it's a chance to reintroduce myself and see who remembers me. I quit Toribash because of the forced Username change by the admins. I could't handle being called damn "Buck_Turgidson." I mean, come on admins. Well, anyway glad to be back and hopefully I could get my username changed in the future.
Heya there! Welcome back to the community, it's awesome to see some old members around. Maybe some of us will be nice enough to sponsor some namechange tc. ;)

Anyhow make sure to re-familiarize yourself with the rules of each board and such.
I'm the Event Squad Admin. I am also an ex-Clan Squad member. Have any questions about clans or otherwise? PM me.


Discord: Typhus#0201
splish splash Aeon is still trash
Hey Buck,
Good to see you come back after all these years. One way to really jump back into the community is to join a clan. You can view the clan discussion board by clicking [here].

- Goat