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Hello there! My name is ShadoCruz1, previously known as Shmowzow99. Like Olox, (was that his name? please correct me if i'm wrong.) I never posted to the forums. This is definitely something new to me, so I hope it goes well. My best regards, From Me.
Hey ShadoCruz1,

Welcome to the forums, I see you looked over Olox's thread. Did you see my comment? I mentioned that it's important to read every sticked rule for each section of the forum so you don't get in trouble.

And if you want to meet some new friends, I suggest checking out/joining tori-clans. [Here]
Thank you for helping me out. this is a little strange for me, as this is just odd for me. I think I may have my old account ready, so if you see a post by Shmowzow99, that's me.
Thanks Goat!
Hey ShadoCruz1

Welcome to the forums man!
If you need help or have questions you can contact me
Quack's Club

Pm me for help or if you have any questions.
Welcome ShadoCruz1.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the Global Rules. It's never fun getting infracted.

Much like goat said it's good to read the rules of a board before posting in it. If you need anything feel free to send a pm to me or any other member of the Help Squad we'd be happy to help.
I'm the Event Squad Admin. I am also an ex-Clan Squad member. Have any questions about clans or otherwise? PM me.


Discord: Typhus#0201
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Welcome mate. Feel free to get familiar with threads and their rules, and as mentioned above, contact us if you are unsure about anything!