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Can't find my first account's e-mail
Hi there,

After coming back from a hiatus of 4 years without playing Toribash, I found that, for some reason I can't remember, I've created this second account from which I speak.

In fact I've got here trying to recover my first account (picles), but I suppose I can't remember the e-mail used for its registration. Is there any way to find this info within our forum or anywhere else in Toribash?

I guess that I'll have even more trouble trying to recover a e-mail I can't even remember existed, but I guess it's worth it.

Missed it all. Thanks in advance to you guys.

Hi, your "picles" account looks to have the same email as your current one. I've sent you a password reminder, there should be 2 messages in your inbox (or spam folder, system mail can end up there instead) - one per each account.
In case recovery mail never arrived or you still need assistance getting in your main account, please let us know.