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Is Steam still a way to purchase shop goods?

I am experiencing issues with purchasing items/subscriptions from the Torishop via Steam. When I'm trying to log in using my steam account, I get an unknown error. It just literally says "Error".

Is this often to occur with anybody else? Could it be the problem of Toribash forums or should I contact the Steam support services?

Thank you for the answer.
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Hi, are you trying make the purchase with your game client or via Torishop on forums? Can you make the screenshot of the error when it pops up?
Buying via Torishop on forums. I don't have access to my PC atm, so I'm operating with a smartphone.

The screenshot's in Russian, hope this will not be a problem.


After pressing the "Enter" button, the "Error" yellow text just appears above the button.
Hmm, looks ok here when I try to make a purchase.
Do you have Toribash in your Steam library? I don't see a linked steamid for your account in our database - and I'm fairly sure it's required by Steam for you to have an app in your library in order to make purchases in it.
Yes, the problem was just as obvious as you described. Blind me, I didn't have Toribash in my library. After adding it, purchase was successful.

Thank you very much, the problem is solved.