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Rubik Fists Texture Gone?

So I recently brought the Rubik Fists and apply them to my tori. Now out of curiosity I saw you could change the texture of them. I did this then realised I couldn't set them back to their original state (the colourful cube).

It may sound a little Karen of me but if I brought them in that state with the rubik's cube texture I would like to be able to have it back they way I brought it.

Is there any way to restore this texture?

I have cleared the texture but its now just a white cube.

Thanks <3
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Hi, what did you use to reset the texture, was it game client or did you use this tool? The latter is pretty much a legacy tool which puts white textures instead of clearing them for 3D items.

Reverted both items for you for now, will double check if there are any issues with game client texture resetting.

Update: was indeed a bug with game client, should be fixed now (your last used texture would still be displayed instead of item icon in inventory for now, that will be fixed with next update)
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Yes I did use the tool you linked and after you reverted the item it has been fixed.

Thank you very much for solving this.
Alternative way to clean up 3D items' custom textures if you're using forums would be to click "Edit" on the desired item in your inventory and use the "Set default texture" option there.