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I cant access multiplayer
I boot up the game, click multiplayer and get this, (check attachment)
i checked wifi, firewall, i deleted the app then reinstalled and i deleted again and dl the steam version and still its down. help pls
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Steam version should be working properly now, standalone will be updated tomorrow (you'll need to redownload and install the game again though).
Can't connect to multi-player (urgent)
I followed all the steps on the toribash website but none of them worked and the "not connected" error is still preventing me from accessing multi-player lobbies.
Not Connected
I've tried resetting my password, verifying files, and reinstalling my game.
I'm not on the ban list either.

However, everytime I try and connect to a server, it loads in to the 2 ghosts and says Not Connected.
I dont know what else to try. The game was working earlier in the day and randomly stopped.
it looks like it's happening to everyone on steam and its just something on their part according to the top post of this forum, guess we just gotta wait
Hey, this issue is currently being fixed. For now, we have a fix for the Steam version of the game. Stand-alone version is still being worked on. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.


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