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new mods dont auto dl
title kinda explains it. when i load into any mod, my game doesn't have the mod downloaded so i have to manually go on the website and dl every single mod that used to come preinstalled.

even for events it wont download the mod, tried to do the new floor is lava but it didnt work and i have to look the mod up and download it.

is this normal? or is there a way to fix this?

any command i can type in game to make it dl the mod on the spot?
Do you have auto update enabled in settings?

Game command is same as downloading players’ customs, /dl modname.tbm
okay gotcha, and yes auto update is enabled but for some reason it just doesnt work.

is there any way i can refresh it to dl things correctly?
Not really sure what's going wrong there - as long as you're playing with the latest version available (won't be able to go online otherwise after recent server change), game should be downloading missing mods automatically after you join the room.

Did /dl command work, or did it fail as well? If it didn't work, you probably don't have writing permissions on your Toribash folder - make sure it isn't set to readonly and that the account you're logged in with in your system has write privileges.
the /dl command is working when i use it. ill have to test to see if those permissions are messed up or not.

it looks like i have all the permissions i could possibly give the folder. i have noticed that it just says failed to load mod or failed to load x.

unsure of what causes that, maybe its a loading issue not a downloading issue?
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When you first join the room with a mod you don't have downloaded, getting the loading error is normal - game fails to load it for the match that's currently in progress but starts a background download and should load the mod properly on next fight. If you keep getting the loading error every fight and mod doesn't download on its own at all (and autoupdate is indeed enabled in game settings), then I'm not really sure what's going wrong there.