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error : Couldn't connect to server
After I filled in the login information for "Toribash", I tried to click on the Login button.
The result of this is that the game freezes for 3-5 seconds and afterward shows the error message: "error : Couldn't connect to server ".
I tried uninstalling the Game which did not work. The game is also not blocked by the firewall.
If I press the cancel option, the Game starts but there are no Multiplayer options. After defeating Uke the game freezes and can only be closed by restarting my PC.

Does anyone know how to fix the Problem?
Hi, please make sure you're playing on the newest version available - which means either the Steam version of Toribash or the latest standalone build: https://www.toribash.com/downloads.php
Also note that if you got Toribash 5.53 before the December update, you'll need to reinstall the newest version of it as the initial release is no longer compatible with the new game servers.

If you're still getting issues connecting, please let us know.
When you hover over the bottom right corner while in main menu, what build version does it show for you?
Does connecting to rooms with /jo command work? (Press enter to open chat, type /jo public1, press enter to submit)
If /jo doesn't work, does connecting with /co game1.toribash.com 20210 command work?
I don't see any join attempts with your IP in our server log, so it's very likely there's an issue with your firewall/antivirus settings which aren't letting you to connect - especially if you can neither login nor view room list / join rooms. You can also try running Toribash as admin, that can sometimes help.