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Faster ways to learn to decap/How to decapitate easier?
Im sort of new, ish, im a beginner as im not that good, i have nearly 34 hours in toribash but i just cannot decap to save my life (not literally), so how did i learn and how do i do it? What do i aim for?

and also, when i look at yt, its just "easy decap move"s types of videos, i wanna learn
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good thing you specified that you don't literally have to decap to save your life because I was a bit worried at first.

you're gonna have to be a little more specific so i can give you a proper response. are you trying to decap other players in multiplayer? or against uke? or do you just need tips on how to improve in general?

just against uke, im trying to get better and ive made a lot of improvements via tips and practise, but im progessing a bit slower now, }

specifically i want to make better replays, against uke, where i decap semi often, but i dont even know where to start,because i want to get a decap and do some free jump and land of my feet or atleast safely

^^^^ along those lines , i just cant find yt help and i thought to come here, so where do i start, (aka tips , where to go for to decap someone etc)

because just beating uke up isnt that good of a replay so.