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Help: Clan Perks
Custom members' usertitle (text only, basic markup allowed)
Custom members' usertitle (image, up to 200x30px)

What does these mean? can I have examples?
Clan perks that change the usertitle of all of your members (not including those who already have custom ones).

With basic markup usertitles you can change the color, the size, make it bold or italic etc


The image usertitle is pretty self explanatory, you can add an image (within the limits written on the perk request tab) as your clan usertitle.


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I see, thanks
Does this fall under ingame as well?
Does this fall under ingame as well?
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You can use this alternatively:
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You can use this alternatively:

Please keep in mind that this is only going to change your own usertitle, not for members of your whole clan.
It will also override your custom clan usertitle if your clan has the corresponding perk active.