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Bet Server Rules and Guidelines

Betting Server Rules and Guidelines

These rules and guidelines are dedicated to betting servers in-game. Basic rules will be included that need not be explained, but are here for your convenience none the less. Anyone failing to follow these rules should be reported to a Staff Member. Anyone seen breaking these rules regularly, may have a hefty ban put on their account.

When a nudge is agreed upon and the user is nudged, the criteria must be fulfilled, whether that be selfbet, standard payment, sponsor, or decap prize. Any deviation from the agreed price/service will be treated as a scam unless it is explicitly stated that it is okay with the OP. This includes lowering your bet.
*Abusing this privilege will be punished as deemed necessary by MS

  • How Do I Create a Betting Server?
    Creating a betting server is extremely easy, but the options involved can be subjective. It is up to the creator of the server to decide the various rules that may be included in the server. But just some basics...

    Typing in /jo [server name] will create a server instantly. Now before you go off globalling your server (which will be explained), be sure to set an owner password.

    The owner password can be set by typing in /setowner [password] and then if for any reason your de-op'd or ping, leave ect. You can re-op yourself by typing in /ownerpass [password]. It is not a bad idea to give this password to other OP's in the server. But please, only give it to people you trust.

  • But cant I make money off this somehow?
    Being "House" makes you receive a portion of every bet made. To become "House" you simply type in /house [username]. And be sure to set the Max Rake by typing in /maxrake [amount]. You can also make money by placing bets like everyone else.

    (List of Server Commands)
    Now, if you have everything set up...mod, maxclients (20-30 is relatively safe) ownerpass and maybe adding yourself to the VIP list (with /vip add [username]). It is time to global!

  • How do I Global?
    Easy. Simply go here and type your broadcast.

How Do I Manage My Server?
So now that you have people in your server, there are some things to take into account...

  • Nudges
    Now, nudges are entirely subjective. You don't need them, no matter what anyone says. However, if you want to have nudging in your server, here are some ways you can go about doing it...
    (Please remember to maybe have some sort of proof you paid, it will help tons if the OP decides not to nudge you. Also remember that prices are determined by the ones running the server, and you are choosing to pay it of your own accord). If the fight ends in a draw you do not have to place your self-bet or sponsor again.

    • Paying to the OP's
      Users can simply send the OP's TC for a nudge if so permitted.

    • Self-Betting
      Users can self-bet a pre-determined amount of TC if so permitted. ~ Please note that if you fail or refuse to self-bet after being given your nudge, you will be dealt with as a scammer and there will be consequences unless cleared by OP.

    • Sponsoring
      Users can also pay for a nudge via a sponsorship bet which is a pre-determined amount of TC if so permitted. Example: Instead of self-betting I choose to sponsor Melrose. I tell the OP I will be sponsoring Melrose for 50k TC. Melrose will be nudged and I will be expected to bet 50k on him, the same as a self-bet. There can be multiple sponsors at a time for one person, but you are still expected to uphold this rule. ~ Please note that this is treated the same as self-bets. If you fail or refuse to bet after your sponsored user has been nudged, you will be dealt with as a scammer and there will be consequences unless cleared by OP.

    • Adding to the Decap Prize
      Perhaps the most popular method is adding TC to the Decap Prize if so permitted.
      The Decap Prize
      The Decap Prize (DP) is a pool of TC that will be given out to the user that decapitates his opponent, and wins. The amount of TC in the DP is decided by however much TC has been donated to it by the people in the server. The DP will exist in your server no matter what, people will most likely add to it regardless. Please donate responsibly.

Lets face it, a betting server is a place where lots of TC is up in the air. A place where rules are broken on a regular basis, a place where people can get inevitably "screwed over". But it is also a place of fun, recreational and competitive social activities. So here are some rules to make sure it stays that way.

  • Kicking/Banning
    Kicking and Banning is of course done, at the OP's discretion. However, if a user has purchased a nudge in a way advertised by your server (whether it be adding to the DP or paying you directly) do not kick/ban them unless there is a good reason for it(blatant racism, spamming ect). Always take screens, and even then it is a good idea to contact a Staff Member. Remember, we're here to help! If an OP kicks or bans you for no apparent reason while you have a pending nudge or TC currently being bet, please submit a Scam Report with evidence.

  • Operator Power Abuse
    If you or your server is advertising nudges with any sort of payment whatsoever, OP's may not nudge themselves or others without them first paying what everyone else has to pay. (This rule also comes with common sense; if you are running a betting server your primary goal should be to make sure everyone is having a good time and maybe make some TC with the rake. Don't ruin it for everyone.) It will be up to the Staff Member making the decision, on what is classified as OP power abuse in such instances. I will say again, use common sense. Don't make the server miserable or do something fishy.
    You may not buy operator.

  • Rigging a Decap Prize
    First off, a decap prize is a PUBLIC mini event that is available in any server with the command "/decapprize <****>" used to add any number between 1 and 1,000,000 TC to the server. The server will award said TC to the person that succeded in decapping the other person's tori. (assuming they also win the match)
    In ES servers, we reserve the right to sink the decap prize once the event is over. Adding to it yourself is at your own risk.

    What is rigging a DP? Rigging a DP means you are setting up the DP to be taken by a specific user or users, be that anyone including yourself. This does not matter if the DP has "your TC" in it. If TC was added to the DP it was donated and, once donated. Is no longer yours and you have NO CLAIM to it at that time or in the future. This means that any attempt to take the TC because "it was yours before you put it in" will be treated as a Decap Prize Rig. If you believe a DP was rigged, or you believe one is about to be rigged, please contact a Staff Member and/ or make a Scam Report. TAKE SCREENSHOTS and please try to provide a replay.
    Secodary note: The type of server makes no difference, tournament, betserver, public etc. Decap is public prize and is to ALWAYS BE WON FAIRLY. Any deviation from this rule results in serious punishment.
    As a further note, if the server is dying, you may not change the mod/rig the prize. The same rules apply, regardless of whether the server is ending. (same but with added line at the bottom)

  • Game Resets
    All game resets should be approved by both parties. If both fighters do not explicitly agree to a reset, the match must continue. Any violation of this rule will result in punishment to the Room Operator. Game resets cannot be done after the betframes have passed.

  • Minimal Movement Reset
    If in a Betting server during a game, one of the players does minimal movement which results in decap in first 4 turns, the game is invalid. The server's OP has to pause the game, collect evidence and reset the game. If one of players is afk, he should be fknocked.

    Satisfying evidence is at least: screenshot of /decapprize, screenshot showing active bets (it can be list of refunds after /cancelbets), screenshot of the chat & decap while paused and a replay saved during pause (that shows moves until the pause). Screenshots must include whole TB window, if they are cropped, they can be considered invalid.

    If a fighting player claims that OP's reset was an abuse of power and the decap was valid, OP will be required to provide all the evidence for his reset. Staff will then judge if the reset was legitimate - if it was not, OP will have to pay/refund TC equal to DP at that time or face being banned. If the suspected OP lacks proper reset evidence, and the player has screenshots proving that OP did reset that game, OP will be punished for not following the rules and will possibly also have to refund the DP.

    Resets should not be used if it can cause harm to any player, (being fighter or better). In such instances, the OP should be reported to a Staff Member. Any harm done may be rectified with the OP's items/TC.

  • Quitting/Spectating With Active Bets
    More and more reports have been surfacing, regarding this issue. So this is just an official notice to anyone looking for it. If you are playing a match with active bets, and you quit or spectate before the match has concluded, you could face a ban. This includes fknock.
    Of course, every situation may be different, and it will be up to the moderators discretion on how to handle each situation.

  • Fuke
    Fuke (or Force uke) is in no way allowed. While the command is disabled, any combination of commands that has the same results as /fuke will be punished. This includes nudging then fknock commands. No command should interrupt the match.

  • Soft Rules
    Soft rules, such as "no shovelling" or "no decap openers" are not supported. They are also prohibited in betting servers. If a betting server you are in is trying to enforce Soft Rules, please contact a Staff Member or make a General Report with evidence.

  • Mod gamerule changes
    You can use whatever mod you want for the betting server, however if you are changing any gamerules in it (e.g. making the dismemberment threshold higher), you must inform about any changes in your room's motd.
    If players (including you) are contributing to the decapprize, you are not allowed to change the gamerules or mod in any way until the decapprize is earned.

  • Server shutdown
    After a betting server has been globaled and a decapprize as been added, it will stay a bet server until that decapprize is taken. Example: You want to change your bet server to a duel room. You must wait until the decapprize is taken, then you may change your room to whatever you want. Violation of this rule will result in punishment deemed necessary by the Market Squad.

  • HBR (Highest Bet Round)
    If an op calls HBR via chat or /cp then the HBR comes into effect. If a bet is placed that exceeds all those before and after then that bet counts as the HBR and must be given the rewrad that is associated with winning HBR (usually a nudge).
    If there are NO bets at all, then HBR does not have to continue to the next match.
    If there is only ONE bet, then that bet still wins HBR. Even if bets are cancelled.

  • Cancelbets
    The OP has the right to cancel bets if the counters are not at least 10%. This prevents users from using large amounts of TC to overbet and suppress other users’ bets which is commonly seen in early match DMs, etc. Abuse of this by the OP will be punished as deemed necessary by MS.

Betting servers are meant to be fun environments, lets try to not break out the rulebook too often here. Enjoy the betting and by all means, behave!
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