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Any fast ways to move around?
I constantly spend most of the frames alotted trying to get over to my opponent on maps/mods with more distance between you, and I was wondering if there was anything other than running (because I already know how to do that to some degree its just less reliable/accurate for me at the moment) that is faster than what I currently am doing or should I just practice running more? (my movement tends to look something like that replay most of the time where I have maybe 100-200 frames to attack if I don't want to add a few hundred frames to the default. I just set the distance higher on this since I wanted more room to show my point/movement speed)
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Distance Practice 1.rpl (57.7 KB, 21 views)
yeah there's many ways you could move around faster, i suggest you have a little look at the Replays board to see how the big boys are doing it

but generally, you keep moving your tori upwards in the air, rather than forward. if you can launch and go forward, do it
i have attached a (very poor) example of me launching by editing your replay, it's pretty bad because i'm not so used to this gravity, but maybe this is helpful nonetheless

i can also suggest that you maybe try other gravities since you are very floaty in this replay and it will be hard to control this right off the bat

also, if you want to run i recommend -30, and possibly look up some youtube videos explaining the basic mechanics of running and the tori in general, since i don't imagine you are very much aware of these

don't expect immediate results though! this game takes a long time to understand. just stick at it :0

hope this helps!
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Thanks, that was really helpful, I will try messing with the gravity and hopefully with that ill be able to direct myself forwards more easily.
Using momentum is the quickest way to move around. Without it you have nothing.
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