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Yellows Detailed guide to Multiplayer terms and fighting!
Welcome back ;).
In this guide...Read the title .

Well, this is quite the unusual guide but never the less, I will show you what it means if your fighting online and new to it and people ask you to do stuff

The Nukem

First of all, There is a person called nukem aswell ;) so dont get confused between these, be aware :O.

Ok, The steps to a basic nukem are as follows

Contract your pecs, With grabby hands while contracting your knee's, Do all this while holding all in the first move, Then you should end in that pose if both players started right, Other players may try more advanced ways to ensure there win, Or there loss (DUN DUN DUN!!!!).

The next step to this most certainly sexy move is to extend your hips and your knee's This will push you up, without this the nukem is boned to be frank. Also raise your shoulders is a must. I extended my abs + Feet as for it gives me a bonus in going back, Tends to win the nukems more often, I recommend that way .
Now we're onto the final phase, A clash of feet, legs, Stubs, Whatever happens is usualy unpredicted!

Lower your shoulders, Contract your hips, Contract your abs (Optional) And walla, unto a nukem!

Multiplayer Terms - Shorthand
This part will simply tell you what the words brb, Afk, etc etc mean (sorry no pictures here ;);))
Brb = Be right Back
Afk = Away from keyboard
Idk = I dont know
lol = Laugh out loud.
Rofl = Rolling on the floor laughing, Sometimes known as Rotfl
Lmao = Laughing my ass/arse off.
Noob = A new person, Generally used sarcasticly or as an insult to an inferior player, Sometimes gets letters subsituted in E.G. Nub
GG = Good Game
GF = Good fight

I made this guide for "Noobs" That havnt been on multiplayer before, and wont know the "Terms" Of what happens there, So if you know something like that, Or a technique that could be showed to help recovery etc, I would be grateful and take the time to make it for them i shall . The reason i make these Tutorials is because i hate when "Noobs" are bullyed because they arnt as good as the average toribash player.