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There is also a DQ bug. Attached is a replay of my FOOT dq'ing me.
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in classic demo, sometimes if i land on my flat on my feet, i get dqed because my "ankles go through my feet"
and no its not some fallen body part i cant see because i didnt get dismembered on one of those bug fights

and the same thing that happened to X3N happens to me also
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Re: Bug bash
I'm playing 2.2 on pro judo dm and...
See for yourself.
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Re: Bug bash
2.2 mac os x

0ccaisionally, when i click on wrist or ankle, it'll move the neck instead. This can become very annoying if i havent noticed and messes up my moves sometimes.
Re: Bug bash
name of the replays replace the names of the fighters. very annoying during myltiplayer replays.

ex. name-[ronin]ramiro catch this.rpl

tori's name-catch

uke's name-[ronin]ramiro
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Originally Posted by [ronin
ramiro ze bull ]
in 2.2 my head doesnt show up when its in the heads folder.

Also for me.
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Ramiro, that happens only when you put spaces in the filename, but still a bug in my book.

The AFK kicking system will also kick players who are chatting (And therefore, obviously, not AFK) if they limp out for 3 turns. Kind of annoying to lose a joust match because of this.
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Re: Bug bash
I've noticed that if you activate fractures in 2.3, and you fracture any joint then you cannot toggle relaxed or held muscles, only held.
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omg you put in fractures!! woot my ideas are makeing it into toribash! *dose a little dance*

to bad i have to wait ONE MORE DAY! till i can play in 2.3...

sorry this is so far off topic, hurmm... hampa what program are you makeing toribash with? i'd like to know cus i can program games and if you told me the program i could learn the language and chip in now and then :P