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Fighting vs spars / Force versus Technique
After having a few fights with sparing guys today i decided on writing that.

A bit story before: I told them "attack me as hard as you can, i will block or dodge it". I was waiting for something to happen. But either they didnt even hit me or they had no power at all in their attacks. So i just blocked em and they falled to the ground. There was no reason for me to dodge... "why should i give up my ballance just to support your weak attack?"

Since we are living in the everyone gets pissed off by everything era: I dont want to say one of the following things is better, i just want you to think about it...


When you do spars or parkour. You are focusing mainly on your technique, getting everything done perfect.

When you are playing fighting mods like lenshu, aikido, you want a lot force or speed to beat your oppononent. To get a lot points or get him dq.

But focusing on only one of these things takes a lot of your potental away.

I spared with a lot people by now and i know the difference between someone who only spars/tricks/parkours and someone who is also playing competetive mods.

A lot of these people just cant handle force. They dont know how to apply it or how to react to it.

On the other hand (before you get pissed ) someone who only plays aikido, will never be able to do a cork or something else.

Both "ionlyplaythis" people lack something the other can do.

Both of them cant do something awesome with the other, without communicating the shit out of it.

Here is what i want you to think about: Why not working with force in spars sometimes? Hit your opponent as hard as you can and dont loose ballance. While he takes the impact and flyes a bit without loosing his ballance.

For Aikido people: why not just letting the other one do his stuff and try to just move around it with skill sometimes? Do a backflip if he liftkicks you. jump beside him if he lifts you and use his force. Idk there is a lot stuff with "skill" you can do.

Do not got trapped in your own reality. There is no one right way to get good, there are a lot very different things you can do to improve yourself.
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