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Fighting vs spars / Force versus Technique
After having a few fights with sparing guys today i decided on writing that.

A bit story before: I told them "attack me as hard as you can, i will block or dodge it". I was waiting for something to happen. But either they didnt even hit me or they had no power at all in their attacks. So i just blocked em and they falled to the ground. There was no reason for me to dodge... "why should i give up my ballance just to support your weak attack?"

Since we are living in the everyone gets pissed off by everything era: I dont want to say one of the following things is better, i just want you to think about it...


When you do spars or parkour. You are focusing mainly on your technique, getting everything done perfect.

When you are playing fighting mods like lenshu, aikido, you want a lot force or speed to beat your oppononent. To get a lot points or get him dq.

But focusing on only one of these things takes a lot of your potental away.

I spared with a lot people by now and i know the difference between someone who only spars/tricks/parkours and someone who is also playing competetive mods.

A lot of these people just cant handle force. They dont know how to apply it or how to react to it.

On the other hand (before you get pissed ) someone who only plays aikido, will never be able to do a cork or something else.

Both "ionlyplaythis" people lack something the other can do.

Both of them cant do something awesome with the other, without communicating the shit out of it.

Here is what i want you to think about: Why not working with force in spars sometimes? Hit your opponent as hard as you can and dont loose ballance. While he takes the impact and flyes a bit without loosing his ballance.

For Aikido people: why not just letting the other one do his stuff and try to just move around it with skill sometimes? Do a backflip if he liftkicks you. jump beside him if he lifts you and use his force. Idk there is a lot stuff with "skill" you can do.

Do not got trapped in your own reality. There is no one right way to get good, there are a lot very different things you can do to improve yourself.
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Well... Spar me or some of my friends, you will see that you can spar and give strong shots anyway ;)

btw if you are more involved in the "scoring" aspect, even in the realism side, I would recommand you to try MAS.

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash

That's exactly why ukebashes are the way to go. Ukebashes look weird without extreme force and at the same time realism is always better.
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Hey everyone
I thougt about what you all wrote.

So @Arkin20, i played everything from the beginning, i dont and didnt see toribash as one thing like spar or aikido, i always just tried to improve overall. So i started with Ukebashing, then i went to aikido, then to ninjutsu and the other fighting mods, untill i discovered spars. But i disliked the communication part. I already saw what my opponent was up to so i could counter it. Then i understood that its about making it look good, so i stayed away from it completely. Then i discovered mass and wrestling mods. I really enjoyed it for some time. but then i found out that you can just bring them out of ballance instead of going for points and so i mentally won like this. It was always about:"am i better then him?"...

Also that great explenation should not be nessescary. I believe the people i try to reach already understand what force and technique means....

So @mocucha, i already tried mass and it is kinda fun. But what i really love to do is, show how much better i am.

I like to dominate my opponent (with 10 frames) it does not need to look perfect. When i look at my replays i want to see: Oh yeah i saw that hit comming so i dodged it. But then he did that and i just could not react so next time i should keep my ballance closer to the ground. I want a fight not something that looks good. I want to be able to read my opponents movements. Its kinda sad that there are no 10 frame public mods. The extra time to react just give fights another level of thougt.

Maybe we need a new playing style, Domination?
You just let yourself get hit and keep ballance, just to show your opponent how weak his hit was. Then you counter and get that points back, or not.
Its not about points. Its about seeing the weakness of your opponent and exploit it.
He likes kicking? so i just throw him. He likes punches so i just kick his balls. You have to be very carefull. Its hard to make something look good since you always have to consider your opponents move and stance.

And about ukebashing, its really fun to do it it looks good too. But i need an challenge, something to overcome. Someone who is stronger then me so i have to get stronger as well. Thats why i love to play with noobs: I show them what is possible.
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Ahah I totally agree with you, I think that MAS system could make the realism and scoring joining together

When the sparring was emerging, it was all new in the "make the replay good" and everything was turning around that. Time after time, the realism side became something more usual and then, sparrers now want to make it more competitive than cooperative ;)

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash

MAS can be competitively but because of people focusing on points, they might make weird movements to earn points there for degrading the replay
Competitive MAS and Sparring are a thing, you just have to find people who do it, I myself am a Competitive sparrer, if you find me ingame, just let me know if want a good rush. ^_^
Most of the time I try to mas someone, they do the same exact opening moves: Jump off toes to reach a little above your opponent, spam as many shitty but point-filled punches to the head as possible while midair. Maybe throw a few knee-twitch kicks in, to switch it up a little, but then go back to spam-clicking your elbows toward the other person's head.

It's not fun and it looks terrible.

It's starting to devolve into "sparring, but without the cool stuff and focusing entirely on points". It would work for fun, competitive play if some sort of scoring were to be created, though. It should have emphasis on fluidity and actual martial-arts-style fighting.
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If you're fighting a sparrer who is throwing weak hits, he clearly is sparring "cooperatively" meaning he expects you to work with him and make his hits and moves look good. He's focusing on the visuals of the spar. Rather than the competitive nature.

and he will allow you to do the same without interruption.

If you're fighting a player who goes all out and tries to go for points rather than the visual nature of the spar. You are fighting a Competitive sparrer. They will sometimes give up the visual nature of looking cool to get points. MAS players make up a lot of these sparers.

But there are a good handful of sparrers who come from both Comp and Cooperative, and will give you a challenge and throw powerful attacks while also focusing on looking good and their technique.

It just takes more skill to do both of those, so there are fewer sparrers who can do that right. But they exist. But before you start spars, make it clear you want a competitive spar. And you'll find it to be a little more challenging. and people will get less upset.

because it is very annoying to go into a spar expecting/asking cooperative, and the other person goes crazy competitive. Because to some people having a clean, nice looking spar is important.
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simple solution, dont spar/mas with a random.

You can dumb it down to a problem with the person you're sparring/masing. If you don't know them you can't really expect anything out of them. lmao you cant be mad at a blue belt for going for points

EDIT: i dont think ive ever seen something dope as shit work w/out communication. FYI