i think its bad i hate that u bader rank the more u belt up...... its disturbing
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Not if you note that rank itself doesnt matter now, rank only hold an importance when you include the belt.

Vox sucks
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Ok this is because you probably had few games left to get to a higher belt.
So when you gain ur higher belt your rank decreases.
The rank depends on how much games you have left.
For example:
You need 1 game to be 6th Dan. = And you could probably be rank 1
*After winning a game
Congratulation your a 6th Dan!! = After some minutes your rank decreases. It depends on the games u need. Rank 2 - Rank 435

This happens to everyone~
I hope u understood.
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You get rank 0 if you are banned or have played < 2 games

This will show up as "unranked" in-game.

and why there are also unranked yellow belts
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The second.

Since as far as I know there are two god belts, every custom belt's rank dropped by 2 now.

who r them
hm....nice new ranking system !
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