intel 845 wont work with shaders : )
theoretical minimum is 915 which should run with minimum settings, although i cannot confirm if it actually does at this point in time.
Got my shaders to work. I had to do this (only this exact setup will they work): Reflections 1, music 0, soft shadows 0, fluid blood, 0 shaders 1.
Shader just dont work on my computer.
The day my toribash game looks pretty is the day toribash hits consoles.
Mattarang: I thought I was supposed to save a princess or something.
[NEWB]Babpadaple: Nope.
Mattarang: So there aren't any coins?

I don't think that this thread is relevant after recent fixes and the release of Toribash 3.23 .
Please check the following thread for information:
This info is no longer relevant.
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