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Thanks for this Tutorial...
I always wanted to know what those numbers are for =)
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Also, you don't have the DENSITY var. it's for the weight of a body part, but you can't use it in joints.
I've been experimenting with these codes, and i have discovered this (you can use these as tips for future works):
- don't give ANY body part a DENSITY of 0. this WILL make TB crash
- don't give ANY body part a DENSITY of above 100 (unless you'r making heavy feet)
- don't change the SHAPE of any bodypart without stating the SIDES you want it to have. else, your shape will be of 0x0 or 0x0x0, and WILL make TB crash
- don't give any part a SIDE of above 1. else it will be too big, and the game will start to lag a lot (it's ok if you have a good PC)

i don't have any other good tips for the moment

nice bump, this was a modding tut for the version that was out in 2007.