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Hi there!

My name is Derezzed (not in RL ofcourse)
Let me tell some stuff about myself
I have some experience with art, I use Gimp, I like to make music in FL studio.
Hope to meet some of you people!
Cya around..

Hello,welcome to the community.
Try to be active,and also,use your art skill to get tc,sell your artworks,etc.

Have a nice stay
Um Lucent, don't you think you are rushing things a bit?

First of all, welcome to the Toribash community.
There are lots of fun stuff you can do on the forum.

Sense you're new ill give you some guides.

Heres the FAQ>

In the FAQ you can learn all the basics that are needed in starting with TB.
Im not new to fighting in TB but im new to the forum and i feel i sould be more active in here so hi