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Hello. You will all know of me soon.
Speaks for itself huh? Haha well yes I will become the greatest Toribash master ever known. Jealous? You should be.
I REALLY think that only noobs use faces like this "".
Good luck with that anyway, welcome.
I hope that you make it bug here.
<Jaker> fucking yes , the black anal fetish fetus , :-* love ya .. btw i love how your teehts are touching my *PIEP* when you do a blowjob <3
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Sup, be sure to check out this, this, and this.

Also, please don't brag about stuff or troll or anything here. The mods will just have to clean up your mess and you'll get in trouble. Thanks.

Have a nice day.
Ok I have read all of the suggested links and also I wasnt bragging or trolling or anything I was kind of just playing around haha. =P and Umbre I am pretty much still a noob=P but Im working on that. Im applying for [Bleu] who will hopefully train me.
Heil To The King Baby!