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Hello Toribash!
Hello, Guys my name is FREV!
I'm 18, what about you? would you like to play together?
Hello frev
Im 13 And i would love to, if i can

Anyways welcome
Hey Frev!
Welcome to TB. (btw I'm also 18+)
message me if you wanna play together
I'm only cleaning here..
Hey Man ! I would like to ask some question(s) if that's fine ^^
How much do you like this game by now ? (Choose from 1 to 10)
Do you like the large Community?

That's the only questions I will be asking ! Good luck on being a ToriPlayer!Yours truly Ares.
( ^ω^)RIP TGS 2013 - 2019( ^ω^)
Flame Forger
hello welcome Frev to Toribash i am the cat of toribash :3
Chab>What a dead game
bgjames1>I like WhiteF719
Hello guys, It's time for me to respond
Thanks for all your attention by the way.
Sure,I will.
The game for now is 9/10 it's great fun, And I like that intelligent guy called hampa, I really like his hard work I would give it 10/10 but,I noticed these bad behaviors between player, If there was a system which can actually censor or Replace those bad words that would be great, 10/10
The Large community? I love it, I love the Marketeers and marketing I also like discussions and the off-Topic and some other topics, Unfortunately I do .
Gunkman, Sure bro, I will have good time
Bgjames1: it's my honor to know the cat of toribash, I would like to be the Wolfe or Doggy of Toribash
GreenMark: Hello! by the way People identify the age by the mind and knowledge not with the number of years you had lived.
Sorry guys if my english not that good tho,
Also guys what picture should i use on my profile, And how to put it ;-; sorry, I still noob though.
Fresh meat. Be careful the legend says some duelers will pwn all you tc in the future