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I can't get to the second step in running
I've done a good amount of digging and I can't find a single video that corrects this problem. If you do know one please post the link. It definitely can't be the settings though because I have it at -30 and made sure the settings were correct. I'm at a loss here
Hey man, check out both of these videos
It will teach you the basics and advanced.



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These were actually the vids I was using my problem was I didn't hold the abs at the right time. I've gotten to about 5 steps now
That's dope, you should try to learn to run yourself without the videos. So you won't be in a stuck mindset of running, but the videos wont hurt, they can give you a good starting point.

If you practice and learn how Tori moves, you can incorporate many other things into your run and learn how to fix your run on the spot.
yeah ik I got it up to 10 now the video definitely helped me understand the concept and taught me what joints do what. The momentum is the problem now.
Sometimes I've noticed holding my hip that I'm pushing myself to the next step with, as that helps me slow down before a vault and such. You should try that and mess with it.
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keeping your tori's torso at a 60-75% angle is very important when doing a basic 10 tf run. this allows for good balance, while keeping forward just enough to gain momentum.

if you're looking to get over obstacles, becoming more straight helps, although its fore more experienced players. don't use your abs solely to lean back up, hold your planted knee to gain that lean back. it also helps if you've leaned too far forward and need to get back up. another way to help that, if you're leaning too far forward is to pair holding your planted knee, and contracting your other knee. it's not pretty, but it works.

also, try not to be bouncy and dippy when you're running. it doesn't look cool, and it actually hinders you. try to keep as level as possible when running, it'll help you take that next step.
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Hey man, check out both of these videos
It will teach you the basics and advanced.



Great vids, thanks for sharing
going in turn frames of 5, you can tweak your hips to make your next step more accurate and therefor run longer.

I attached an example of how i practice and my methods of keeping the run going, take a look
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